If you suspect indoor mold problems, you need a professional solution. Call Mold KO today!

Mold won't stand a chance

Mold KO is a licensed and certified mold remediation company, specializing in fast and effective mold removal for home and business.

We provide the knockout punch to indoor mold, using the latest equipment and most up-to-date procedures. By following industry-approved mold remediation methods and practices, we make sure mold is gone and won't return.

No matter the project size or scope, we provide everything you need for thorough removal of mold growth. If you would like professional guidance on your mold issues, call us with your questions at 888-253-4551. We'll be glad to discuss your options with you and help you move forward.

We knock out mold and prevent its return. Call now to schedule our mold remediation service.

Experts in our Field

We've been doing mold remediation for years, so we know what it takes for a long-term solution to mold. Our treatments follow the industry-approved standards, with care and precision to make sure the job is done right. We also offer additional services for mold inspection and mold testing.

Eliminate Mold for Good

Mold can come right back after regular cleaning, but it can't escape from mold remediation. Our solution combines physical removal of mold and its spores with preventive measures to make sure it can't grow. This protects your property from future infestation.

EPA Certified
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