Mold Blog: Your Guide to Prevention and Remediation

Understanding Yellow Mold

Understanding Yellow Mold: Causes, Effects, and Removal Solutions

Read facts about yellow mold and how to deal with it in homes. Find out the reasons that cause yellow mold growth, preventive tips and professional mold removal solutions.
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What Does Pink Mold Look Like?

The Truth About Pink Mold

Don't let pink mold take over your home! Get ready by reading our blog about pink mold, where and how it grows, and tips and tricks for preventing mold.
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Causes of Mold in Apartments and Mold Prevention Guide

Causes of Mold Appearing in Your Apartment and How to Remove It

Find out the main causes of mold in your apartment. By knowing these facts, you can prevent its occurrence or minimize damage if this fungus has already settled in your home.
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Mold Spores

Human Health and Mold Spores in the Air: How Big Is the Problem?

Mold infestation can cause various health issues. Learn common symptoms of mold exposure, which groups of people are at high risk and how Mold KO experts can help with mold abatement.
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Mold Removal

How Indoor Mold Affects Our Lives and Why Mold Removal is Needed

Mold growth inside your home can be really dangerous. Read about the risks of having indoor mold and why it's better to hire professional mold removal services to deal with this issue.
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